Media & Entertainment

Your company may be currently at a technology crossroads. The Company’s digitalisation is due to the quick rise to success of wireless tools combined with the success of big data and the popularity of cloud technologies.

Such changes carry a great impact on the media, entertainment and sports activities.

The meeting point between content (Live-Tv, streaming, digital and paper magazines…) and social media creates a new ecosystem.

The digitalisation of a company relays the consumer’s opinions and informations on an instantly basis to a wide audience. This acceleration of the volume of information is a game changer and may be a road of opportunities but also a factor of risks.

Such risks include rumors, critics, diffamation, image violations….are magnify by this new digital ecosytem.

At Aston Avocats our team members are aware of this new challenge and provide our clients with a day to day assistance on every issue that may arise.

A team specialized in the media, sports and entertainement field of activity

Our Media, Sports & Entertainment Team supports key actors within the showbusiness, art, and cultural world.

Our assistance include notably:

  • Definition and implementation of an audiovisual production workframe
  • Implementation of a restructuring project related to audiovisual production
  • Artists’ rights management
  • Advertising: contracts, selling of adverstising messages
  • Liaising with the French broadcasting authority (CSA) and any rights management firm
  • Approval of advertising campaigns
  • Negociation of agreements with the French journalists’ unions
  • Negociation and drafting of merchandising contracts

Aston Avocats counsels and supports a wide range of actors within the sports world: associations, leagues, clubs, organizations, promoters, sponsors and investors…

Our Team also provides athletes with assistance regarding the management of their carreers and control of their image. As the sports world has also been impacted by social media, athletes are more exposed to the media than ever.

Our Team is committed to provide athletes with assistance regarding the management of their image and the efficiency of their privacy.

  • Implementation of sponsoring projects, sponsorship, organization of events
  • Negociation of broadcasting rights
  • Managements of image’s rights
  • Drafting of sports rules
  • Assistance of clubs before the national organizations and associations
  • Alternative dispute resolution (AMAPA, ARPP)
  • Legal strategy definition and implementention in case of litigation
  • Personal rights and fundamental freedom related litigation