At Aston Avocats our Team is committed to support our clients in every aspect of the challenges that they may encounter realted to any IP/NT issue.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary Team qualified on every area of intellectual property, Aston Avocats is able to adapt itself to a constantly evolving field of law.

The development of the internet has brought a great complexity of law and a it has increased many risks related to the individual’s rights and freedoms.

Aston Avocats is the partner of innovative business and provides its clients with legal and strategic assistance. We bring you support to manage any IP/NT-related issue and provide you with legal advice in case of litigation.

Aston Avocats, a digital and IT/NT privileged partner

Our areas of expertise cover every spectrum of IP/NT issues. Aston Avocats has legal jurisdiction in France and also worldwide and brig support to companies and to individuals as well.

Internet and individuals

Aston Avocats brings support to its clients on digital related issues ;

  • Image and privacy protection: gathering and using private information has become easier and very often  the information aimed at the internet users on their rights is inadequate. Aston Avocats brings support to our clients to protect and ensure their private image and privacy rights
  • Personal data protection, information and approval, transfer of personal data, protection of sensitive information, right to oppose and to withdraw
  • Right to delate digital information
  • Listing
  • Social media: general terms agreement, image’s rights, cyber-hacking, online freedom of speech
  • Protection of internet users: online business has become a growing business. However, it has also brought many legal issues to the everyday internet consumer when it comes to their security. Aston Avocats protects internet users to secure onlinbe financial transactions.
  • Online business ; electronical contracts, termes of agreement
  • E-mailing
  • Electronical communication
  • Intangible assets’ protection
  • Artistic and intellectual property protection
  • Copy rights

Internet, protection juridique et stratégie des entreprises

Aston Avocats operates in every aspect of IT/NT related issues and provides support to business of all sizes.

We provide our clients with legal advice and representation in case of litigation.

Our Team ensures the protection of the companies’ name, image and domain name.

  • E-réputation (online brand protection)
  • Unfair competition
  • Listing
  • Domain naming
  • Online counterfeit

We also deal with any contract-related issue:

  • IP contracts:
    • Contrat de licence de logiciel, contrat de maintenance, contrat de développement ou d’intégration de logiciels, contrat de cession de logiciels.
    • Contrats se rapportant aux applications – contrat « Application Service Provider » ou contrat « Software as a Service ».
  • Electronic communiocation and electronic trade:
    • Online business, online sale, general terms agreement
    • Internet provider
    • Listing
    • Online advertising

Aston Avocats also provide its clients with training sessions on every aspect of the IP/NT field of law.

  • Data basis and personal data: adminbistrative proedure before the French authorities (CNIL), implementation and compliance (CIL)
  • Emplyement law related issues (IP charter, internet users control, dismissal, disciplinary action…)

Aston Avocats assists its clients in new emerging Web 3.0:

  • Wireless connected tools
  • Semantic World Wide Web