Generally speaking, business law is subject to an increasing complexity: business relationships change, and they tend to be dematerialized and to unfold on an international level.

Laws and regulations attempt to adapt to this situation but the progress is swift.

When doing business, companies face a multiplication of laws and regulations added to the European and international laws and regulations.

In order to hurdle such challenges, the assistance of experts is crucial.

Aston Avocats is composed of a multidiscplinary team qualified in a wide range of fields of activity.

We provide our clients with support at every stage of their business’ growth (our clients include international groups, small and middle companies, start-up companies, associations…).

We support our clients in any litigation related issue while offering bespoke and reliable solutions.

Aston Avocats is a privileged partner of the companies at every stage: we help our clients to adopt a strategy in order to avoid getting into litigation, but also to find solutions to any litigation issue and, when necessary, by reacting and responding to any urgency.

Aston Avocats supports its clients by adopting a strategy before litigation

Effective negociations allow companies to obtain great results and to avoid any litigation.

Aston Avocats has the ability to guide the companies during any point of the negociation in order to allow the companies to adopt a tailored strategy before any litigation arises.

  • Negociation and drafting of agreements, contracts, and written commitments
  • Negociations in order to establish a company: statutes, shareholders’ agreement…aiming to create a balance within the company and thus aviding any conflict between partners.
  • Consuming rights: implementation of general terms agreements (purchase and sale)
  • Implementation of a legal monitoring in order to be able to react to any urgent situation in case of any legal change
  • Management and executives’ training

In some cases, even with a defined strategy, conflicts may still arise. However, Aston Avocats is there to help its clients to deal with and find solutions to any conflict while adopting a besopke approach in order to answer to the companies’ specific needs.

Our Team offers adequate solutions to resolve any conflict on a national or international level and has jurisdiction to intervene before any juridiction (commercial, administrative, civil or criminal courts).

Aston Avocats assists its clients in alternative dispute resoulation cases

In certain cases, reaching an agreement may be a better option.

Alternative dispute resolution rules (M.A.R.C.) may allow a company to reach a solution and avoid a costly and time-consuming procedure, especially if the company wishes to reach a solution in conformity with trade use without jeopardizing its business relationships.

  • Conciliation: settlements and transactions
  • Arbitration: French and international arbitration (CCI, LCIA, CNUDCI,etc.) or ad hoc arbitration.

Aston Avocats represents its clients during judicial resolution

  • Competition related issues: competition, unfair competition, breach of confidentiality
  • Criminal and civil liability
  • Breach of contratcs: wrongfull termination of contracts or negociations
  • Profesionnal liability of companies, executives, employees
  • Obligation of loyalty
  • Executive criminal liability: misuse of company’s assets
  • Companies’ criminal liability
  • Products’ fault liability
  • Shareholders’ defense: litigation related to the implementation and organization of general meetings
  • Commercial litigation and distribution’s contracts
  • Unfair competition, distribution’s agreements, consumers’ rights
  • Collective proceedings: appointment of an ad hoc expert
  • Economic litigation
  • Debt recovery
  • Consummer’s rights